Marijuana users are able to buy legal marijuana

A small fraction of marijuana users are able to buy legal marijuana across Canada. This is because most provinces and territories are still adopting the necessary rules that make the system work while the rest are proceeding in a cautious manner.

Across Ontario, cannabis sales are restricted to mail-order only. This means that buyers in Ottawa and Toronto will not have access to marijuana in stores. This is disadvantageous to cannabis users because it means they cannot make quick trips across the border from Buffalo or Detroit.

So, wondering how to get weed in Vancouver? Read on!

Who Can Purchase Marijuana?

To buy marijuana, you must be 18 or 19 years of age, depending on which territory or province you are in. Canadian law prohibits minors from buying marijuana. However, there are no residency restrictions, meaning, Americans who meet the age requirement can buy online marijuana in Vancouver.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana?

For users wondering how to get weed in Canada, you can mail-order cannabis which is a service that is available on online dispensaries. If you choose to mail-order your weed, prepare to personally sign for the delivery and expect to receive 30 grams per delivery.

What Can I Purchase?

Smokeable cannabis, alternatively known as “flower,” is the main product available. Vape juice and cannabis concentrates are illegal because their risks are still being assessed by the government. You can also purchase edibles. As confirmed by CBDpot, you can also grow up to four plants depending on the territory or state.

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What will it Cost Me?

When buying weed in Vancouver, the cost will depend on the retailer. Retailers are allowed to set a price on marijuana, as long as the price is above the wholesale price – which is $7 to $8 per gram for high-quality cannabis. The retail prices will vary depending on availability and demand.

Where Can I Use Marijuana?

Canada’s anti-smoking laws also address marijuana consumption, meaning, marijuana consumption is banned near schools, in cars, parks, and playgrounds. You can smoke marijuana in private properties, designated hotel rooms, balconies, and sidewalks (as long as they are not adjacent to educational facilities).

Can I Take Marijuana back with me to the United States?

No. You cannot take cannabis with you back to the U.S. because it is a controlled substance and the borders are monitored by federal agents. This means that even though Vancouver marijuana legal as well as Washington, you cannot carry it from one state to the other. The Canadian government has put up signs warning travelers not to enter into neighboring states with marijuana. Border agents are also being trained to remind travelers not to carry their weed with them when they travel across states.

How much weed can you have in Canada?

Canadians are allowed to possess, share (with other adults), and carry up to thirty grams of marijuana. This is enough to roll approximately sixty regular-sized joints.

Why Was Marijuana Legalized?

Canada has the highest rates of marijuana use in the world, especially among young adults and youths. Marijuana legalization was enacted in order to recognize personal choice and address drug-war disparities. The legalization is also purposed to curb Canada’s unbridled black market by moving marijuana purchases to government-regulated stores at low taxes. These taxes are then reinvested in states and communities and they go toward education and awareness.

There is no doubt that the marijuana industry is beneficial to both consumers and entire communities. Knowing how to buy marijuana and the restrictions that come with marijuana consumption will help you in your future purchases

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